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Fostering FAQ:

What does it mean to foster a retired racing greyhound for Pocono Greyhound Adoption?

A: When you foster a greyhound for us, you are agreeing to let your foster greyhound stay with you until he or she gets picked by his/her forever family.


Why is it needed?

A: Foster homes are needed because our group does not have a kennel facility. The number of greyhounds we can help find their forever homes after they retire, depends on how many open foster homes we have at a given time. During this fostering period, a retired racer will learn the ropes of retirement, going from professional athlete to professional couch potato.


What is required?

A: To become an approved foster for Pocono Greyhound Adoption, fill out the foster application and send it in. A group representative will review it, check the references you provide, and will go over any questions or concerns you may have about fostering. We will provide food and any medications your foster greyhound will need, so there is no financial burden on your part!


What is involved?

A: As mentioned above, fostering for us means letting a greyhound crash with you until his or her forever family is found. During this time, you’ll help a retired racer learn all sorts of things. Remember, they are all new to living in a home environment! Since they are crate-trained at the track, you should have a crate available for your foster to use. We can provide you with a foster crate if you do not already have one. Many greyhounds consider their crate a “safe zone” of sorts and will retreat to it on their own. Housebreaking a greyhound is usually pretty easy and they learn fairly quickly that the house is not their turnout pen. They’ve been on their kennel routine up until this point and keeping a regular schedule of sorts (meal times, potty outings, etc.) for your foster greyhound is one of the best ways to help them successfully transition to life in a home as a pet.


Other “new” things you may have to teach your foster greyhound about may include other breeds of dogs, cats, children, glass doors/windows, and stairs. Stairs can sometimes be the trickiest of the new things your foster will encounter. Our board members and volunteers are always there for support if you need some tips on how to help your foster adjust. Greyhounds are very adaptable, they just need your patience while they adjust to retirement.


During this fostering period, you’ll also be able to see the greyhound’s personality come out. This is important because it will help us determine what kind of forever home would be a perfect match for your foster!


How long does it last?

A: The length of each foster’s stay will vary. Some greyhounds get picked right away while others take a bit longer to find their forever family. Rest assured, if something comes up on your part and you are no longer able to foster the greyhound, we will work quickly to move the greyhound into a new foster home.


Some final thoughts from a veteran foster mom: fostering is a very rewarding experience. It’s exciting to meet so many different greyhounds, learn their quirks, help them master what it means to be a pet, and hear how happy their new family is when they get picked. Is it sad when your foster gets adopted and you have to say goodbye? Of course it is! But it only lasts until you get your next foster...


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Fostering Application download

Pocono Greyhound Adoption Foster Application
405 Iroquois Loop
Canadensis, PA  18325

570-856-0377 fax 888-974-7371  


Phone: (     )                             Email Address:                                    
Cell Phone:                                                     
Children Names and Ages:                                                                                          _
 1.      Please give the reason(s) why you want to foster a Greyhound?  _____________________________________________________
2.      How long have you considered this decision to foster a Greyhound?  _______________
3.      How many hours per day will the foster be left alone?  ________
  Where will your foster Greyhound stay during the day? _____________________________
4.      Who will have primary responsibility for the care of the foster?  __________________
5.      Have you ever owned or do you presently own a Greyhound?      Yes ___No____
If Yes, do you still own the Greyhound?  __________ 
If you do not still own the Greyhound, what happened to it?  ______________________________________________________
6.   Do you have other pets, i.e. cats, birds, rodents, other dogs?       Yes ___No ____
If Yes, what kind and how many of each? ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
Are your pets spayed or neutered?  ____If no, explain why? 
Are they current on their vaccinations?  ___ If no, explain why? 
   Are your pets on monthly heartworm preventative?  ___________ 
Are your pets on monthly flea and tick preventative?____________

7.  Do you currently:  own  /  rent  house  apartment 
     mobile home  / condo duplex ?
If you rent, does your landlord allow pets over 60 pounds?  Yes ________No ________   [Written permission from your Landlord on their letterhead will be required before you can foster.]
 8.      Since Greyhounds are sighthounds rather than scenthounds, Greyhounds must be kept on leash at all times when not within a securely fenced area.
Do you have a fenced yard? _________________
If your place of residence does not have a securely fenced area to exercise your foster Greyhound, do you understand and agree that your foster Greyhound will need to be
walked at least four times a day in order to relieve him or herself?  Yes __ No __

 9.      Do you agree to keep a collar with the adoption group’s ID tag on the foster Greyhound at all times?    Yes __No __
 10. Do you agree:                                                         
(a)   to never tie the foster Greyhound up to any stationary object;
(b)   to never allow the foster Greyhound to run loose;
(c)   to keep the foster Greyhound as an indoor companion
and not be left outside, in a garage, or confined to a room;
(d)   to notify us should the foster greyhound ever become
lost or stolen; and
(e)   to notify us should the foster greyhound become sick
or injured.
_____Yes     _______ No

11. Please list two personal references (not family members) and their telephone numbers.

Name:  ___________________________ Telephone Number:  ______________
How long and in what capacity do you know this person?  ________________________________
Name:  ___________________________Telephone Number:  ______________
 How long and in what capacity do you know this person?  ________________________________

12. Please list your veterinarian, their address and phone number:








Greyhound Foster Agreement
Pocono Greyhound Adoption


            I HEREBY AGREE to take care of the Greyhound
that has been placed temporarily in my care.  I agree to bring
the foster greyhound to meet and greets as needed.
If necessary, I will allow potential adopters to view the foster
greyhound at my home.  (This is strictly at the foster parents convenience.) 

All veterinarian care for the foster greyhound will be
the responsibility of Pocono Greyhound, unless such
injury or illness is due to carelessness or neglect
on my part.  Upon injury or illness, I agree to notify
Pocono Greyhound immediately for further instructions.
I realize I may be asked to provide transport to and/or
from the veterinary clinic at a specified time. 

            I agree to stay in touch with the above named adoption
group, at all times while the foster greyhound is in my possession. 
I also agree to return the foster greyhound upon request. 

            I further agree that by signing this Greyhound Fostering
Agreement, I am releasing Pocono Greyhound Adoption and its
representatives from any and all damages and Injuries that may
occur as a result of my providing housing for this foster greyhound.

Signatures:  ______________________________


Date:  ________________________________________