Our Adoption Fee is $300.00.

This Includes:
Spaying or Neutering
All up-to-date immunizations
All available veterinarian records
Heartworm test - Up to date on Heartworm, Flea/Tick preventatives
Pedigree documentation if available
Greyhound collar and lead
Greyhound muzzle
PGA Identification Tag and Number

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Adoption Application download

Pocono Greyhound Adoption Application

405 Iroquois Loop
Canadensis, PA  18325

570-856-0377 fax 888-974-7371
Name _______________________________

Address ________________________________________________
Telephone (home)__________(work)_________  Email ________________________
 Date _______________________
How did you hear about Pocono Greyhound Adoption?
 1. Why do you want to adopt a greyhound?
 2. Do you have a preference regarding age, gender, or color?

 3. Do you agree to keep your greyhound as a pet and not race, breed, or hunt with this animal?

 4. Do you agree to keep your greyhound inside your house? (Greyhounds must live within the home and cannot be kept in an outdoor kennel or doghouse.)

 5. Are you willing to accept immediate and full responsibility for ownership of your greyhound, including all health care costs, necessary burdens and responsibilities of owning a pet?

 6. Do you agree to properly license your greyhound and follow all other local and state regulations regarding pet ownership and control?

 7. Do you agree to keep your greyhound collared with ID tags at all times and in a fenced in area or on a leash when outside? (Greyhounds cannot be allowed to run free)

8. If you rent your home, do you have permission from your landlord to adopt a greyhound at this time?  A Letter from the landlord granting permission is required.

 9. Have you owned a greyhound previously? If so, from where did you acquire it?

 10. How many people are in your family?

 11. If you have children, what are their ages?
             Or if children visit frequently what are their ages?
 12. Have your children had experience with dogs living in your home?

 13. Please list all other pets, including type, age and gender.


Are these animals spayed/neutered?      If not, why?


 14. Do you have a fenced-in yard? (This is not a requirement)

If not do you agree to walk your dog on a leash at least 4 times a day?  Greyhounds can never be let off leash unless in a fully fenced area.

Do you  have stairs in your home?  How many, carpeted or not?
Do you have stairs into your home? How many, type?
Type of floors, hardwood, carpet, tile?

 15. Do you agree to crate your dog if necessary?      How long will the dog be left alone?

 16. Please list your current veterinarian with address and phone number (or list one you have used in the past). We will contact the veterinarian for a reference 

Vet Reference:


Please list 3 personal references, names and phone number





 17. Do you agree to contact Pocono Greyhound Adoption in the event you can no longer keep your dog for any reason?

Ownership of your dog cannot be transferred, either by selling or giving to another person or laboratory nor can it be placed in an animal shelter such as the Humane Society or ASPCA.



I will provide humane care and will comply with all laws and ordinances in the area in which I reside. 
I will read Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood.
I will contact Pocono Greyhound Adoption when the dog dies.
I will allow no one to use the dog for experimental purposes, I will not sell or give the dog to anyone.
If the dog is lost or stolen I will contact Pocono Greyhound immediately.
I will return the dog if at any time I desire to give up custody of it.
I will  not use the dog for the purpose of hunting, live lure coursing and allow it to be raced again.
I will not allow the dog off the leash at any time except in a fully fenced area.
I will keep the dog as an indoor house pet.
I will have the animal examined yearly by a licensed veternarian and give it all the medical attention that it requires including yearly inoculations.
I promise to keep a collar bearing identification of the dog on at all times.
I further agree that by signing this adoption contract, I am releasing Pocono Greyhound Adoption and agree to hold harmless the group and its representatives from any and all damages and injuries that may occur as a result of my adopting this greyhound.

 Have all members of the household over 21 years of age sign below:

_________________________   __________ 
Signature                                         Date


_________________________   __________ 
Signature                                         Date

Please mail your completed application and contract along with $100.00 to:   If for some reason your application is denied this $100 will be returned to you.   
The Adoption Fee is: $300.00

Pocono Greyhound Adoption
405 Iroquois Loop
Canadensis, PA  18325

570-856-0377 fax 888-974-7371

Prior to adoption, your greyhound will be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations.  Any known health issues will be discussed with you prior to adoption